Govt installs T/A Nsomba

Govt installs T/A Nsomba

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Deputy Minister of Local Government Honourable Halima Daud has urged chiefs in the country to be developmental conscious.

Hon Daud (C)

Daud said this during the installation ceremony of Traditional Authority Somba which was held at Blanytre Civic Centre.

“Chiefs are pillars of development,” Said Daud.

Daud said Malawians to stand up and actively participate in the developmental projects rather than leaving everything to traditional leaders.

Daud said chiefs should focus on their duty as being watchdogs for the government in rural areas, especially on issues of corruption which is an enemy to development.

A representative from the royal family, Alfred Chapalapata lamented that development stalled following the death of the previous chief in 2018.

“Following the death of our previous T/A, 5 families rose up and brought forward names of potential people for the seat, an order from the paramount chief was made for them to explain their connection to the chieftancy.

“A judgment was made in August 2019, and families were told to rise up if against the verdict, of which no one has done up to date,” said Chapalapata.

Daud pleaded with chiefs to unite with their subjects to avoid disputes as this slows down growth in a community.

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