A & A slaughters 3, 200 Cattle and Goats

A & A slaughters 3, 200 Cattle and Goats

By Malawi Exclusive

In colloboration with various Muslim Organisations, S & A Cold Storage marked this year’s Eid ul adha, which fell on Wednesday by slaughtering 3,200 cattle & goats.

The company’s Assistant Managing Director, Sauda Sidik Mia said: “On part of her company, the slaughter of the animals is a significant continuation of the legacy of the company’s founder and business mogul, the late Muhammed Sidik Mia who at every Eid ul adha, for over 20 years, used the company to slaughter animals to donate to the underprivileged in the society”.

Along with Islamic religious faith, the sacrificial feast of Eid ul adha traces its origins to the ancient of times when God’s servant Abraham wanted to sacrifice his only son Isaac as God had requested him before providing this trusted servant sheep as an alternative after proving his genuine loyalty.

Malawi Exclusive

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