Bushiri calls for peace after court ruling

Bushiri calls for peace after court ruling

Bushiri calls for peace after court ruling

By: Vincent Gunde.

Leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering ( ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has appealed for peace and calm to the Malawi nation as the constitutional court is about to deliver its verdict on the Presidential Elections Case.

Prophet Bushiri appealed to the world leaders to pray for the spirit of peace to reign in Malawi whatever direction the ruling may take, even those that will make an appeal, should do so without stirring emotions of the nation.

This is contained in a message prophet Bushiri took to the pulpit during a Sunday service in Pretoria, South Africa to reiterate the call for peace and calm.

Prophet Bushiri asked political leaders, both from government and the opposition to scale up messages of preparing their respective followers to accept the verdict of the court.

……with few days to the ruling, I am calling on the entire nation, everybody listening to this message right now, to take a moment and pray for the nation of Malawi.
There is a ruling that will define the political route of Malawi and, already, stakes are high. Let us all pray for peace and calm in Malawi….reads the message.

The verdict, which was scheduled to release within 45 days from the final day of the case, is expected to be pronounced towards the end of this week.

The ECG leader, Prophet Bushiri, was the first to go public in October, 2019 to raise an alarm on the need for leaders from religious, political and non – governmental groupings to start preparing Malawians to accept elections court outcome.

His message was well received, acknowledged and acted upon by leaders from various strands of Malawi.

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