CFF joins  war  of liberation in  Malawi

CFF joins  war  of liberation in  Malawi

CFF joins war of liberation in Malawi

By: Vincent Gunde

The Centre For The Future ( CFF), has launched itself as a Civil Society Organization ( CSO) with a call to all Malawians of goodwill to warmly receive and support it in the battle of liberating Malawi out of the hands of selfish people.

The CFF said 55 years of the country’s independence has seen Malawians living in abstract poverty lacking the social basic amenities while its leaders enriching themselves at the expense of the majority poor.

It said corruption is rampant in the country with the leaders in the forefront making the rich continue to be rich while the poor remaining poorer than during the colonial days of the British protectorate.

Speaking during a colourful launch of CFF as a CSO in Lilongwe, its Director Conlieth Chester Selenje, said the CFF has decided to enter into a war of liberating Malawi out of corruption, favouritism and nepotism saying Malawians have suffered a lot which forced it not to keep silence but speaking for the truth with the Spear of Justice ( Muvi wa Chilungamo).

Selenje lamented that in Malawi government is implementing development projects basing on regionalism and tribalism with parties in power favouring areas believed to have more of its supporters neglecting other areas.

He said Malawi has undergone various reforms since independence in 1964 but none has been successful due to lack of political will by leaders who came in after Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda.

The Director said leaders of today have forgotten those who ushered them into power and are living in luxurious life taking the poor as ladders for advancing their political ambitions.

Speaking at the same launch, HRDC chairperson, Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, accused government of allowing those who have money to buy justice in Malawi with the poor seeking justice.

Mtambo , flanked by other HRDC comrades present, said corruption is every where in Malawi because the authorities have failed to address it their by contributing to high un employment rate among the youths with tax payers money been entering into the people’s pockets.

He assured Malawians that Malawi will soon be free and all those that are doing acts of evils and terror against innocent people will be brought to book, exposed and judged for the offences committed.

The CFF formerly Malawi Engagement Group ( MAENGA), started on social media in 2016, has grown and become officially registered as a CSO.

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