Government elevates T/A Mwanza now a Snr Chief

Government elevates T/A Mwanza now a Snr Chief

By Our Reporter

Women are a hub in Conflict Resolution and Peace Management in Communities

The Elevation of Traditional Authority Mwanza to a Senior Chief is not only being gender sensitive but also vital in as far as issues of conflict prevention and managing peace in our societies are concerned.

Hon Daud

The Deputy Minister of Local Government Hon. Halima Daud on 3rd March 2021 elevated Chief Mwanza to Senior Chief at a ceremony that took place in Salima District.

In her Speech the Deputy Minister mentioned that despite being hit by Covid-19, government affairs have to continue whilst observing the Law and measures put in place by government.

She took this opportunity to encourage women to be proactive in matters that concern development and also welfare of children in their communities.

“Women should take a leading role in developing this country and we should also make sure that we are in the forefront in protecting children. Let us encourage girl child education and also protect our children from all forms of abuse without looking at the relationship between the culprit and the victim.” Explained the Deputy Minister.

In addition to that, the deputy minister advised the chiefs to be active and strategically formulate and implement by-laws that will promote child protection in consultation with government and other stakeholders. This will contribute to the reduction of cases affecting children and will help in making decisions that are to the best interest of the child as stipulated in the Laws.

In her remarks she further warned the chiefs to take a leading role in developmental activities whilst being corrupt free and politically blind.

“We should not be selective as leaders and avoid being partisan.The fact that God created us with different faces, we can never like be the same things, this is why am asking chiefs to embrace all the community members despite their political affiliation.” Advised Daud

The Deputy minister also reminded the leaders not to take matters of Covid -19 lightly.

“Let’s encourage our people to follow all the measures put in place to fight Covid-19. Make sure that we advise our communities to put on masks properly and be responsible citizens and during funeral Ceremonies make sure that people do not stay longer in the beleaved families.” Concluded Daud

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