Lawyers say no to impunity of DPP led Govt

Lawyers say no to impunity of DPP led Govt

Malawi Lawyers and the entire judicial service in Malawi have vowed to jealously defend the laws of the land by abiding to the Constitution and allow no interference from the executive arm of government.

In the petition titled “Lawyers in defence of judicial independence and rule of law in Malawi” presented to the Mzuzu High Court registrar who received it on behalf of the Chief Justice today at the end of the solidarity march the lawyers had, counsel Victor Gondwe said as lawyers and learners of law, they believe in separation of powers and that they are deeply disturbed by threats against judiciary in Malawi that have emanated from the executive of Mutharika and his political party followers and that as lawyers they stand with the judiciary which executed its job professionally and independently over the 2019 presidential election dispute. The lawyers then denounced the public sentiments others are making against the judiciary.

The lawyers’ petition which has many points registered in their disappointments has also condemned the impunity by the president, other members of the executive and his supporters over the ruling courts made on February 3 and May 8, 2020 respectively. The lawyers further applaud the High Court and the Supreme Court for reserving the electoral disputes and stated in the petition that fight to preserve the independence of the judiciary and that the executive accept and repect the decisions of the judiciary as they will not allow any one to weaken the judiciary in this country in any way. The march also attracted civilians calling themselves concerned citizens.

Among other messages displayed on placards during the demonstration include: Hands off our Judiciary, Ma judge asafinyike ngati Colgate, Tumbikani Malango a chalo, Osagenda ku court uli ndi chamba mthumba and YES to judicial independence

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