Landgate returns at the Ministry of lands

Landgate returns at the Ministry of lands

By Our Investigative Reporter

All is not well at the Ministry of Lands following the coming in of new Minister Kamlepo Kalua and the new Principal Secretary, Wilson Moleni. The two are failing to contain the pressure of land gate and has since return at the Ministry.

Although Principal Secretary Wilson rubbishes the allegations but our sources at the Ministry told our reporters that the Lands Commissioner have not been seeing eye to eye with Kamlepo the reasons being that the Commissioner is a professional man and has been denying tolerating any nosense from Kalua.

The difference reached at a high level to the effect that the Minister told the commissioner the swearing statement that “I will deal with you,”

Weakness of the PS

Since his posting at Lands PS Wilson Moleni has demonstrated to be weak because he has allowed to be used by Kamlepo Kalua.

According to our source unlike former PS Mr Joseph Mwandidya, who never took unnecessary orders , Moleni is a Yes Bwana type of PS.

Currently Moleni has taken all the files from Commissioner of lands to his office meaning that he has turned himself as a Commissioner of lands as well.

Conflict of interests

A PS cannot work as a commissioner because a commissioner a technical position while PS in more into administrative matter now if a PS has turned himself into that expect chaos.

Its time according to our sources that the three positions Minister, PS, and Commissioner should know their boundaries and do their job according to their job description.

They should avoid interfering towards one another.

The return of Mustak Mohammed

It is further reported that the masterminder of land gate who created parallel lands ministry and later busted by former Minister Vuwa Kaunda and former PS Joseph Mwandidya is now back at the ministry to continue his normal business which he was bursted for.

Mustak Mohammed and his accomplinces were conaving with lands officials to produce fake title deeds and later start grabbing land in town using the fake title deeds.

Their Side of the story

Our team managed to ask PS Moleni who refused to comment on the matter.

“I cannot comment on something I don’t know,” Said Moleni.

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