Nation at crossroads

Nation at crossroads

Nation at crossroads

By Fryson Chodzi

As we wait for the court verdict on the election petition sometime this week, it seems as the nation we are at crossroads. It’s a very complex period which will make or break this nation. Its common knowledge we a diverged nation. We have seen anger and bitterness like no their time before. Its justification or not it’s not the question which is neither here or there but that its real and needs to be addressed.

But the Paramount question is; Are we prepared for the outcome of the courts? As Government and the governing party, are they prepared? As the opposition, as civil society? It’s unfortunate that my finding is we are a nation who hates to prepare. As all the players of their proper documented post judgement plan you will be surprised maybe it’s only the security sector which has a detailed plan. Maybe it’s by nature of their profession which requires proper planning.

But am talking of the politicians where are your plans and the teams to deal with such a serious issue? It tells you how unstructured we are as a people. Seek to find out the first protocol in the hour the results are announced you might find out that it’s not there we have left it to chance. Let’s develop systems which work like the rest of the world. We should always be prepared for the best and the worst.

Unfortunately, most of our political institutions are filled with opportunist who don’t seek to learn fast or seek appropriate advice. Which stakeholders are on standby in a worst-case scenario? Who is coordinating civil society? who is coordinating the clergy? who is coordinating the political leadership? There should be an action plan of all these players. How are we going to deal with propaganda on social media?

Already, the fear mongering rumors are in full swing threatening the judgement day as the end of life for Malawi. I would like to propose therefore that MACRA must play a critical role in ensuring that broadcasters should not incite unrest before, and during the day.

Social media must be monitored to reduce hate messages and violence inciting and where necessary when things are in the verge of getting worse.

” Saying It Like It Is: It’s About Time Someone Has Got to Do It”

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