PAC describes 2020 a year of turbulence

PAC describes 2020 a year of turbulence

PAC describes 2020 a year of turbulenceBy: Vincent GundeThe Public Affairs Committee ( PAC), has described the year 2019 as a turbulent year given that major events were defined by Tripartite elections with anticipated negative outcome such as acts of violence and electoral stalemate culminating from allegations of rigging and narrow margin scenario.PAC observes that the most positive gains were overwhelmed by the electoral stalemate that led to political unrest saying as Malawi awaits court ruling on the Presidential Elections Case, values of justice and integrity are integral on the promotion of the rule of the rule of law and durable political processes.This is contained in a statement signed by its chairperson, Msgr Dr. Patrick Thawale and publicity secretary, Dr. Gilford Matonga reviewing the year 2019 and a call to respect court ruling on the Presidential Elections Case at its Extra – ordinary Board of Governance and Mediation team meeting.PAC says in the year 2020, irrespective of court ruling, Malawi needs to undertake broad based dialogue on the ” Malawi We Want” so that these initiatives, electoral constitutional reforms are a must to accommodate lessons learned since transition…….”although peace is a unique treasure that Malawi has been holding in store, which must be guarded at all cost, just remains a pre requisite for security, a just and peaceful society “….. reads the statement in part.PAC says should the court ruling fail to satisfy some parties, they can still pursue legal justice by making an appeal to the Supreme court.It expresses hope that dialogue is a better mechanism for achieving durable solutions and peace urging Malawians in 2020 to be prepared to engage with those whom they view as enemies quoting Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words, …” If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends , you talk to your enemies. “

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