PLO Lumumba task TASKS Chakwera to lead New Africa

PLO Lumumba task TASKS Chakwera to lead New Africa

By Malawi Exclusive

One of the leading Pan African voices, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has tasked Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera to succeed late John Magufuli in championing a new Africa.

Speaking to Pan African Daily TV host Dr. Susan Tatah days ago, PLO Lumumba – who was good friends with Magufuli – expressed his wish to see the Malawi leader continue where the fallen Tanzanian icon left.

“I have requested to secure a meeting with Chakwera and my intention is to ask him to be in the forefront of the leadership of a new Africa. Africa needs something new and different.”

The renowned Kenyan law scholar indicated that he has already sent his request to meet Chakwera through the embassy in Nairobi and unnamed mutual friend.
Lumumba dissected Chakwera’s moving eulogy at Magufuli’s funeral in Dodoma calling it the best ever made for an African leader.

“I have listened to all tributes made on the day. The most powerful tribute ever made to an African leader is that of Lazarus Chakwera. In my view it is the most touching ever made. It is a funeral oration that history must record as one of the greatest of all times.”

He added, “I am not discounting other leaders who did not attend the ceremony but Chakwera touched something that nobody touched. Everybody else was perfunctory but he spoke from his heart. Whether you like Chakwera or not, listen to him and read him again, he captured the essence of the Magufuli I know, the Magufuli who loved Africa.”

Lumumba’s sentiments is part of the chorus of praise that Chakwera has gained from across Africa after his eulogy.

Magufuli is renowned for injecting a sense of pride in Tanzania to an extent of snubbing foreign aid on development projects. Most of the infrastructure projects he undertook during his fist five years in office were from revenue collected locally.
The departed leader was also an influential member in the operations of the East African Community (EAC), a bloc of east African economies.

These calls for championing a new Africa come in a year Chakwera is expected to become Chairman of SADC, a role that positions him well to undertake some far-reaching lobbying for better social and trade practices not only in the region but across the continent.

Chakwera and late Magufuli had a maiden meeting in Tanzania five months ago and the two got off to a good start with promises for strengthened and sustainable diplomatic ties between their two countries.

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