Pressure mount on Jumbe to go

Pressure mount on Jumbe to go

There is pressure mounting on acting ADMARC CEO to resign or if he is not resigning he be fired since he is also highly connected to the former recent past ruling party DPP.

Although Jumbe is qualified indeed for the position but his connection with DPP puts away some marks from the score box.

Jumbe all along has been paraded on the State MBC castigating Malawi Congress Party saying it is the party of darkness.

On 23 June , 2020, Malawians voted for the incumbent President Dr Lazarus Chakwera into office after successfully defeating the then tyrannic President Professor Arther Peter Mutharika.

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera polled 2,604,043 representing 59.34% against his opponent Mutharika who amassed only 1,751,877 which had only 39.92 %.

The difference in poll aggregates indicates that Malawians were hungry for change.

Just for example there was an issue of printing fake ballot papers so that they would be premarked in favour of DPP.

Four kingpins in that clandestine assignment are still on government payslip, like seriously? 2 are with MPC, 1 is with MACRA and another with Lilongwe Water Board.

Malawians says it is time to help the President drain the swamp by removing those who joined Government on political appraisal than merit.


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One thought on “Pressure mount on Jumbe to go

  1. For the sake of Admarc please leave Jumbe there,he has a right direction for the parastatal,please let’s focus on Malawi and his capabilities.napapata Ochakwera Obwana anga!

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