Prison Services applauds Redbrick Investiments for Covid-19 Preventive Donation

Prison Services applauds Redbrick Investiments for Covid-19 Preventive Donation

By Leo Mkhuwala- Malawi Exclusive

Authorities within Malawi Prison Service (MPS) have on Tuesday applauded Redbrick Investments for stepping up efforts in donating Covid-19 preventive materials and thermometers to Chichiri Prison in the commercial city of Blantyre.

In an interview soon after receiving the donation, Station Officer at Chichiri Prison, Elliot Chagwa was full of praise for Redbrick saying, “Our partner, Redbrick is one in a million at a time like this when great need for the corporate world to come up with such a donation at the prison has arisen”.

Chagwa, who said the donation will make a big difference in as far as Covid-19 prevention programme is concerned, appealed to other well wishers to emulate the good example of donating to the prison towards prevention of the scary and deadly pandemic.

“I can ably say that Redbrick has demonstrated what many well wishers could do so that we can together keep safe our inmates and vistors alike during this difficult time of the pandemic,” said Chagwa.

On behalf of Redbrick, two officials, Sales Manager, Jamie de Silva and Sales Executive, Paul Mwase officially presented the donation to authorities at Chichiri Prison through Station Officer Elliot Chagwa.

Currently, Chichiri Prison has a total of 1700 inmates and receives more than 100 vistors during weekends.

According to established information, the Prison initiative by Redbrick is a continuation and part of the MK1.5 Million Covid-19 preventive donation to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre a few months ago.

The beautiful partnership initiative spearheaded by Redbrick’s directors, Maaz and Sabina Batatawala is aimed at assisting the country’s public institutions in achieving preventive safety in the event of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

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