Thugs poison Prison warder in Kasungu

Thugs poison Prison warder in Kasungu

By our Reporter

Police in Kasungu have launched a manhunt for unknown criminals who allegedly poisoned a 27-year-old prison warder in the district before making away with his motorcycle.

Kasungu Police PRO Edna Mdzingwitsa has confirmed about the incident saying the deceased has been identified as Maxwell Damazio from Karonga village, Traditional Authority Karonga in Salima district.

It is reported that, Maxwell Damazio who was a prison warder at Kasungu Prison was on holiday and he started operating motorbike Kabaza business. On the night of Tuesday, February 16, 2021, he was hired by two unknown men who pretended to be passengers going to Kamphulu area.

Upon reaching Kamphulu trading centre he was given a drink by one of the passengers and after taking it he started feeling abnomonal pains. The two unknown robbers later dumped him at a nearby bush and went away with his San-LG motorcycle.

At around 21:00 hours, Damazio was found lying unconscious by the passersby who took him to police. He was later taken to Kasungu district hospital where he died on February 19, 2012 whilst receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, police have instituted investigations to arrest the culprits to answer murder and robbery charges.

Police is appealing to all motorcycle Kabanza operators to be extra careful with these criminals who pose as passengers and avoid taking food or drinks from their passengers to avoid such iccidents

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