RHEMA irrigation projects in Malembo starts bearing fruits 

RHEMA irrigation projects in Malembo starts bearing fruits 

By our reporter

Farmers who received vegetables and maize seeds to start small scale irrigation farming in Lilongwe are now benefiting from the project.

Rhema in July 2020 distributed vegetable and maize hybrid seeds to more than 250 farmers in the area of TA Khongoni in Lilongwe.

Project officer Tadala Mukhuna smiling

These people are now enjoying their sweat. 

Rhema Institute for Development Executive Director in Malawi Innocent Semu says Rhema distributed seeds in the area as one way of boosting their income.

After successful tour of the project , Semu said he was so impressed with the project. 

“Some farmers have already started harvesting the crop and am sure next year it will be more than that,” He said. 

A farmer in the project Lamusoni Moyenda ,from kapopamsampha village, Gvh Billiat,  malembo in Traditional Authority khongoni 

commend Rhema for the effort. 

“We are grateful to Rhema for all this,” She said. 

Semu has since commended people from Malembo, for their hard working spirit that has seen his organization’s project in the area taking a desired direction.

Speaking after touring the project where he went to appreciate the progress achieved this far, since his organization distributed maize and vegetable seeds for irrigation farming, Semu said he is very impressed with the hard working spirit people there have shown and this has given his organization a zeal of pumping more resources in this project in order to bail out many poor farmers from poverty basket.

“When we came here and distributed maize and vegetables’ seeds for irrigation farming, we were some how not sure if people here would really go into their fields and embark on irrigation farming, but coming back here today and see this big outcome especially in vegetable farming, and maize surely I am speechless with these farmers and surely RHEMA will try its best to pump in more finances in this project so that we can reach out to many farmers.” Said Mr  Semu.

RHEMA Institute Of Development, is a non governmental organisation focussing on Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Education and Gender Equality launched its project in end July this year at Malembo TDC in Traditional Authority Khongoni and it distributed maize and bean seeds as well as vegetable seeds to over 250 families to start irrigation farming as part of it’s programs.

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