Rhema turns Khongoni into Thyolo promotes banana farming

Rhema turns Khongoni into Thyolo promotes banana farming

By Malawi Exclusive

Thyolo is the main producer of all varieties of bananas. It is undeniable fact that Thyolo has been supplying Malawi cities and towns with bananas using Madina as the main transporter. 

However , of late Malawi has been eating bananas imported from neighbouring countries due to strange disease which which has been hitting the crop.

This has prompted Rhema Institute for Development to kick start the initiative.
“People have been relying in other.

districts to eat Bananas that is why we thought it wise of empowering these farmers with skills so that they are able to take care these suckers,” he said. 

The banana is one of the most produced and commercialized fruits in Malawi and the world.

Suckers spring up around the main plant. The eldest sucker replaces the main plant when it fruits and dies, and this process of succession continues indefinitely.

Tender, smooth, oblong or elliptic, flesh-stalled leaves numbering 4 or 5 to 15, are arranged spirally, and can be up to 2.7 m long and 60 cm wide.

The inflorescence, a transformed wing point, is a terminal spike, shooting out from the heart in the tip of the stem. 
The crop require the altitudes of below 1800 metres above sea level and this is  generally recommended for the production of bananas.

The crop requires warm temperature and humid climate. 
Meanwhile chiefs in the area have commended Rhema for the transformation programmes. 

Malawi Exclusive

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