Sameer Sululeiman distributes rice to people  Misesa

Sameer Sululeiman distributes rice to people  Misesa

Sameer Suleiman distributes rice to people Misesa

By Rodgers Kadiso Banda

It takes a good leader to assist his subordinates in times of difficulties goes an accient Jewish Saying.

On Sartuday the 7th December 2019 , Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South East Constituency Sameer Suleiman distributed rice to his people of his Constituency as a way of curbing hunger which has hit many parts of the country including Blantyre.

A friend indeed is a friend in need , Suleiman has renderred a helping hand to Namiyango and Ntenje wards in his Constituency .

In an interview Suleiman says plans are under way to distribute rice to other areas of the Constituency.

There were joy , ululation , songs of happiness as people of all walks of rice received rice from Sameer Suleiman who is sharing the Vision of His Excellency the State President of the Republic of Malawi Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika that no one should die of hunger in Malawi.

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