Thom Mpinganjira. A Villain or Victim of Circumstances?

Thom Mpinganjira. A Villain or Victim of Circumstances?

Thom Mpinganjira. A Villain or Victim of Circumstances?

By Fryson Chodzi

The entrepreneur turned banker. His success has turned out to be his worst enemy if the truth is to be told.

We are a society so engrossed in hatred , very malicious and deceitful in our conduct.

His biggest crime for now is being successful, clean in his dealings and being of a particular tribe. This has made him a target in the political arena from within the ruling party and opposition. Why is it so? I will decipher the reality not fiction.

He is a true success story not built on media teams or built on physical appearance and marketed as a brand through social media and jingles.

His hard work honest and success speaks volumes of the real man not a brand as we currently see which are aided by teams which brand an individual as a commodity.

So if you really look closely you will see the long term plan to cut him out of the political matrix which unfortunately he has distanced himself and not shown interest for now.

What is there to be quiet honest is the figment of imagination of his sworn enemies from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition.

That’s why a lot of theories are awash in the social media and the agenda is Thom Mpinganjira and his FDH Bank must fall at all cost. The problem stemming from the wicked and smear campaign in our present day politics.

Most of his detractors know that the future of Malawian politics its about raising the bar.

After the two Professors the two brothers the problem is what kind of a future President are we looking at? This is now at play in the media with an agenda of shaping the political narrative and the next President.

For example our current President and his tribe you can clearly see the narrative and agenda to destroy them with ruthlessness which Malawi has never witnessed before.

Clear savage politics.

So unfortunately Thom Mpinganjira is of that tribe and accused of ambition and bankrolling the DPP. This makes the man a take down agenda for the succession front runners and the opposition.

Because non of these characters fit or can match his profile which doesn’t need any media to propel or build imaginary success and charisma as we see in most of the hopefuls. His success is actually the poison in his life.

All the hate and malicious propaganda that Thom Mpinganjira is facing is steaming from several aspects. From the ruling DPP is the threat that he just might consider to have a go at the Presidency and hence must be thrown to the dogs.

From the Opposition, he is considered as a Czar of DPP, a Don Colion of DPP. He is considered to be what Simbi Phiri is alleged to be for MCP.

Therefore, the survival and future of DPP is considered to rest with Thom and must be taken down. To the rest of the General public the hate stem from self-low esteem of which we are accustomed to hate anything successful that is Malawian.

In fact Malawi as a society don’t trust themselves to be better and if it happens then something sinister must have happened.

It’s unfortunate most of our people don’t seek honest but lies .

After this article I will be accused of being paid by him or seeking his attention that’s the Malawi I know. But seek the truth for once and see the machinery and finance out there to destroy him so as to enable others to achieve their goal that’s our present day witchcraft.

Some other day I will dwell on the succession matrix the good and the bad the players and the victims in DPP and judiciary. Mind you this is my personal opinion.

In my next article I will unpack Saulos Chilima the real person and the marketed product then Lazurus Chakwera the desperation for power and leadership vacuum in MCP and their complicated relationship with the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) the so called people’s movement especially the violence which comes with that marriage.

God bless Malawi.

” Saying It Like It Is; It’s About Time Someone Has Got To Do It”

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