Transport Minister Sidik Mia launches Clean-up Day in Chikwawa

Transport Minister Sidik Mia launches Clean-up Day in Chikwawa

By John Saukira

As Malawi Cabinet Ministers and their deputies were on last Friday, November 13, 2020 assigned into various districts to launch the district level Clean-up excercise, Minister of Transport and Public Works, Sidik Mia was at Nyeratu in Chikwawa District where he launched the environmentally friendly initiative.

Mia who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President, challenged the people of Chikwawa to take individual and collective responsibility in cleaning up their surroundings for a health living and the preservation of their environment.

He said that time has come for them to join the global village in visualizing the need to care for environment, not just by cleaning the surroundings but also through planting trees as a way to harmonize nature.

Mia mentioned that, it is apparent that plastics in particular, have become one of the biggest polluters of the environment and additionally, that they negatively affect livestock when they ingest them.

The Minister therefore called for the people in the district to popularize the use of alternative environmentally friendly carrier bags.

In his capacity as Minister of Transport, Mia called upon the transport sector to play its part in dettering motorists from throwing waste outside moving vehicles on the road.

Together with residents of Chikwawa, Mia marked the official district launch of the Clean-up excercise by physically cleaning the refuse at Nyeratu market.

After the launch, Mia took some time to chat with Chikwawa District MCP officials and during the meeting, the leaders asked for government’s aassistance intervention on the bad condition of the tarmac road from Nyeratu to Boma, which is currently fully patched.

The party leaders also asked for the construction of new district hospital as the current one too old.

In his response, Mia who is the minister responsible for roads promised to look into the matter while on the request for a new hospital, he promised to refer the matter to the relevant Ministry of Health.

The district Clean-up exercise follows the launch of the National Clean-up initiative, which the Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera launched on Wednesday November 11, 2020 at Chinsapo ground in Lilongwe.

The initiave calls upon every abled person in the country to take part in various clean up activities like sweeping, cutting grass and trimming bushes alongside the roads.

The initiative has been designed to take place every second Friday of the month.

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