Transport Minister Sidik Mia on working trip in TZ

Transport Minister Sidik Mia on working trip in TZ

By Leo Mkhuwala

Good tidings from the Peoples’ Republic of Tanzania have it that Malawi Minister of Transport and Public Works Muhammed Sidik Mia, has engaged officials in the management of Malawi Cargo Center and also a group of Malawian truck drivers who went into the country to collect fuel.

Speaking from Tanzania, Mia disclosed that he mainly discussed with officials at Malawi Cargo Centre on better use of the Centre.

He said the discussion specifically tackled the possibility of getting goods in good order and most importantly, getting them cheap and on time.

In his meeting with Malawian truck drivers thereafter, the Minister said, chief among the problems the drivers presented before him was delay in presenting their orders.

He said the drivers lamented that the delay of orders plunge them into inevitable situation of waiting for too long in Dareslaam.

Mia therefore promised and assured them that his Ministry would find the root cause to the problem.

He also said he would look into how contracts are issued.

“We will talk to people who are going to get delivery contracts of fuel to engage at least more that 70 to 80 percent of Malawian trucks drivers,” said Mia.

“Our transporters should get the bulk of export of fuel from Dareslaam to Malawi,” he added.

Mia’s first official endavour while in Tanzania was when he represented President Lazarus Chakwera at the inauguration of President John Pombe Magufuli following his second time win in the office of President.

Mia was during the inouguration accompanied by Minister of Information Gospel Kadzako.

Prior to the Tanzania trip, Mia was in Mozambique mainly to speed up transportation of fertilizers into Malawi.

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