UN Resolution 1325 for Women Peace, Security

UN Resolution 1325 for Women Peace, Security

UN Resolution 1325 for Women Peace, Security

By Vincent Gunde

Women representative to the Dowa District Council, Maggie Mzunga says although Malawi is undergoing various reforms one of it being Peace and Security to women, not much is seen on the ground .

Mzunga says there are many programmes for women and children on paper with its implementation done at the top level forgetting the implementors on the ground, hence a great need for a complete change of mindset by those in high positions.

Mzunga was making her contribution during a Dowa district stakeholders consultative meeting held at the boma on Tuesday on the development of the National Action Plan( NAP) and project document of the United Nations Security Council Resolution ( UNSCR) 1325 Women in Peace and Security.

She said women on the ground need to see the reforms physically not just be hearing from their elected leaders and organizations advocating for reforms for the intended outcomes to be achieved.

Briefing the district stakeholders, UN Women consultant, Emiliana Tembo, said UNSCR 1325 calls upon governments to take steps toward the implementation of the 18 actions outlined in the Resolution that clustered in four categories.

Tembo said the Resolution calls upon member states to advance 1325 implementation of National Action Plans( NAP) or other national- level strategies based on four strategic pillars of Participation, Protection, Prevention and Relief and Recovery.

She said the consultative process is part of the steps towards development of the National Action Plan( NAP) of Malawi which will also be followed by development of a programme so that the Government of Malawi can carry out specific interventions in line with this Resolution 1325.

” UNSCR links women as well as the overall peace related processes and interventions in Malawi under the National Peace Architecture “. said Tembo.

Making his contribution, Nice Trust Dowa district Civic Education Officer, Vincent Mbenjere, said chieftainship wrangles, land disputes, police officers not discharging their duties in the interest of all, magistrates rulings favouring the rich, witch doctors and prophets are some of the cases which his office receive everyday in the district saying this is a signal that change should not be advocated for women only but also men.

The overview and linkage to National Action Plan ( NAP) development process consultation meeting was organized with funds from the UN women and will be implemented in five sampled districts of Karonga, Lilongwe, Nsanje, Mangochi and Dowa.

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