Zodiak crew caught in cross fire between Police and demonstrators

Zodiak crew caught in cross fire between Police and demonstrators

Zodiak crew caught in cross fire between Police and demonstrators

By Malawi Exclusive

Zodiak crew which went at Nsundwe to cover the demonstrations were caught in cross fire between demonstrators and Malawi Police.

It is reported that two Police Officers are reportedly dead and one Lorry carrying Democratic Progressive party members to the rally at Kamuzu Institute was burnt following violence which erupted between the Police and Nsundwe Community.

Nsundwe known for demonstrations was once again demonstrating against DPP decision to hold a rally in Lilongwe saying there is no way President Peter Mutharika can hold such a rally when issues bordering his legitimacy are being tackled in courts.

Police officers went to Nsundwe to quell the the situation.

There has been running battle between police and people from Nsundwe who are demonstrating to force Jane ansah to resign as MEC chairperson.

It all started with pupils from Ngwerambavi primary school who went to the main road started demonstrating against Jane ansha and his commissioners and later elders joined the pupils saying they want electoral justice.

However in their line of duties Reporter Paul Kayuni and his driver was heavily teargassed and Zodiak Vehicle was damaged in the process.

But in an interview Zodiak Broadcasting Station Managing Director Gospel Kazako confirmed that his team was caught in crossfire.

“Yes its true that they were attacked however we can tell that we are investigating the matter and that we have rwported to the Malawi Police for action.” Said Kazako.

Kazako said he will come and explain once all investigations are done.

He said Police fired teargass to disperse the demonstrators while the main road and inside earth roads were being closed now its difficult to to say outright and start speculating.

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